Union Sense Technologies Limited, the company founded the brand “Talking-Dict”, a range of high proficiency electronic consumer products designed to address the needs of consumers. First electronic dictionary distribution’s company and pioneer in Thailand. Established in 1993, the company’s corporate culture is rooted in high technology electronic dictionary products and success fully launched products throughout its existence with more than 300 outlets network over Thailand, and we are the brand leader in Talking Dictionary Market for the past 15 years. These factors enable the company to stay abreast of the latest technology and market trends.

USL is proficient in designing a wide range of hand-held electronic dictionary products for consumers to acquire and to utilize information in a convenient and fast manner for education and entertainment and convenient purpose. We do so design Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), our PDA Dictionary product is under the 1st Thai Handwriting input concept, finding the word user need has never been easier.

USL lays stress on the quality of its products, and internal operation management. All our products have been checked carefully and all passed with International quality standard ISO 9001.

Meanwhile, working closely with retail outlets we are able to further enhance the products’ image, and maintain the quality and effectiveness of Sales Team, Product Consultant (PC).

It is now clear that “Talking-Dict” is always the most advanced intelligent electronic dictionary that has never stopped developing its talking dictionary technology.